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From concept to completion of your design and print project, our individual care and attention to detail enables you to focus on your business. Broad on abilities, deep on knowledge and high on authority, CDC Ltd offers a powerful effective facility. The Corporate Design Company (CDC) Limited is one of the leading print & design companies in the UK with experience and know-how which guarantee that your project is in safe hands.

Creative design

It still seems to come as a surprise, however, to many clients that the policy at CDC Ltd is one of open, clear and almost continual communication, not only within our organisation but also with our customers.

An Eye For Detail

Our creative team have the talent to make even the most dull documents come to life, with a vast array of resources at their disposal.


We are essentially trade printers…

CDC Ltd produce a broad range of work for organisations across the UK including leaflets, booklets, folders, forms, letterhead and business cards. The company is based in Lancashire and meets demands across the full spectrum of the business community.


We have a variety of finishing equipment on our factory floor which ensures that our team can take print straight from output, transform it to it’s intended media format and then directly dispatch it for delivery, all with the minimum amount of fuss.


We have options to meet your deadline however tight it may be because we have a variety of ultra reliable logistic options at our disposal.